SolarUp app makes solar project calculations easy

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    SolarUp app makes solar project calculations easy

    A new mobile app promises to make designing home and business solar power installations easier and faster, while simultaneously reducing the cost of designing them.

    SolarUp is the first intuitive app designed to streamline solar project development. Its user-friendly interface allows both solar professionals and consumers easy access to a precision layout tool with no to little training.

    SolarUp helps visualize solar energy solutions and develops accurate energy modeling with sizing. Users can edit, create, and share their solar designs.

    Until now, solar projects involved trial-and-error. The two major variables involved in a solar project are, how much power does each home or business use and need, and how much roof space they have to offset their needs.

    SolarUp eliminates the need for the initial engineering process as well as the initial salesperson. Consumers can easily determine what size their property needs and what size their roof space can accommodate.

    This app simplifies the solar buying and selling process. Users no longer need multiple appointments with company representatives. They will be able to size a home or business’ needs without an engineering team or sales person present.

    Gone are the days of the long engineering or CAD process to find a design that fits the site, multiple appointments with incorrect sizing and high-pressure sales pitches when a potential customer is simply inquiring
SolarUp will also include a “fremium” version that allows three free designs. Consumers can request a solar proposal within the app as well. With SolarUp, they can start and finish a solar project all, on their mobile device.

    With the growing movement toward green energy sources, and solar power in particular, this app fills a need that will make the transition to solar a more smooth and painfree one.


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